guan dong library

chien hua library

shui yuan sports field

chung hsiao food education classroom

lavatory of hsinchu museum

si kou kitchen renovation

the darkside of moon

li ming playground

nei pu kindergarten

office of hsiang yu property

dong ming kindergarten

golden arcade

sos brutalism exhibition design

lavatory of tung yuen school

jut the column reception center — with mot select and vwi cafe

shui yuan assembly hall

romantic route 3 the upcoming past museum of renovation

jhong hua playground

agravic starry sky— off-site project

lavatory of li ming school

beimen market

45° kindergarten

tung yuen kindergarten

taiwan connection 1908

diagonal house

sport center with a column

big flat roof

lavatory of li ren school

triangle kindergarten

terrazo house

shen gang school

li ren sport hall

liukung wharf

ncku multidisciplinary project

amicable family 2

house with gardens


house of stones


the darkside of moon

office aaa is invited to participate in “phantasmapolis,” 2021 asian art biennial, to revamp gallery street at ntmofa, with hopes that the perspective of up-and-coming taiwanese architectures will inspire new viewpoints when tackling the topic of “asian futurism”. the creative strategy of office aaa boldly revisits the creative elements of architect wang dahong and is interpreted as a contemporary connotation of the lost narrative of taiwanese architectural history.

office aaa’s project the darkside of moon overlaps the motif of the universe with modernism and investigates the sentimental, nostalgic elements of taiwan postwar modernism in the architecture of wang dahong and its metaphors for futurism through the imagery of the moon. the darkside of moon retraces postwar modernism using contemporary architectural viewpoints while boldly creating “trans-architectural” spatial expressions using metaphors and materials. office aaa’s work for 2021 asian art biennial can be seen as a platform for exchange between the past and future and a central nervous system for videos and literature projects.

location : taichung, taiwan
client : asian art biennial, national taiwan museum of fine arts

year : 2021
program : installation art
curator : nobuo takamori
design : office aaa
project manager : chen-chieh sun
contractor : cheng mao construction co., ltd
photographer : yu-chen chao